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If you could choose one gun safe to have in your home and store your firearms, which one would you choose?  Seriously speaking, any gun safe is better than NO gun safe at all!  But obviously since you’ve found our website, you are someone that plans ahead and wants the best!  Someone that wants their family and home protected, but secure at the same time.

The interactive gun safe chart below and the gun safe reviews that follow will help you choose the best gun safe for you and your home.

Each of us have our own opinions on what makes a good safe to store our firearms in. We also know that since it plays such an important role in the safety of your loved ones, and protection of your firearms, you want the absolute best gun safe possible… that’s why we’re here to help!

Gun Safes
Weight (lbs)
CA DoJ Approved?
Gunvault SpeedVault SV500- Digital Keypad
- Many mounting options
- 18 ga. steel construction
- Mounting hardware is inc.
- Override key is inc.
6.5 x
3.5 x
GunVault NV200 NanoVault- Easy Key Lock System
- 18 ga. steel construction
- 1.25 in. memory foam interior
- Compact size
- 1,500 pound tested sec. cable inc.
1.75 x
6.5 x
Gunvault GV2000C-DLX Multi VaultGunvault GV2000S Multi Vault- 16 ga. steel
- Hi-strength locking mech.
8 x
10.25 x
Sentry Safe HDC11E Home Defense Center
- Inc. is a Bolt Down Kit
- Elec. lock for quick entry
- Pistol stand inc. allows for quick access
- Pry-resistant door
- Secret floor compartment
- Adjust. shelving
11.1 x
12 x
SentrySafe GM2459E Electronic Lock Fire Safe, 24-Gun Capacity- Elec. lock for quick entry
- 1/2 hr. fire rating up to 1400° F
- Capable of being bolted to floor
- Pry-resist. door
28.3 x
24.2 x
59 wd
HOMAK HS30103660 8-Gun Security Cabinet- Can store up to 8 Guns + gear
- HMC Tubular Locking Syst.
- Solid Welded Const.
- 1 Yr Ltd. Warranty
14 x
10 x
BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle SafeAmazon Image- Holds up to 120 different users
- 3-point dead-bolt locking syst.
- Back-up keys inc.
- 4 position barrel rest
8.6 x
9.8 x
BARSKA Biometric Safe- Biometric
- 2 solid steel locking bolts
- Mounting hardware inc.

16.5 x
14.5 x
Stack-On FS-24-MG-C 24-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Combination LockAmazon Image- 3-number combo lock
- Fire resist. for 30 min. up to 1400° F
- Holds 24 firearms up to 54 in. tall
29.25 x
20 x
Stack-On Portable Case with Combination Lock, Black- TSA airline firearm approved
- Very slim design
- Inc. is a 1,500 pound test steel cable
- 3-tumbler locking system
9.5 x
6.5 x

Comprehensive Gun Safe Reviews Matrix and Key

This chart contains 7 columns:

  • Gun Safe pictures – (click on any picture for even more details or to purchase)
  • Gun Safe brand and model
  • Overall size – Length, Depth, and Height.
  • Features – Notable features of that specific safe, such as Biometrics, Construction, Hardware, etc.
  • Weight – Weight of Gun Safe in pounds
  • CA DoJ Approved – By law, all gun safes sold in the State of California must be approved by the The State of California Department of Justice highest safety standards.
  • Price – Approx. prices from  They may change from time to time depending factors such as availability, promotions, and other reasons.  But generally: $ = under $100, $$ = $100 to $200, $$$ = $200 to $500, $$$$ = $500+
  • Rating – The average user rating (1-5 stars) on amazon.comThis can be very helpful in deciding if people are satisfied with their purchase.

*Click on any of the columns to sort through the data and make your decisions easier!

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The safes that we have included on this table are just a few of many available on the market today.  There are hundreds of gun safe manufacturers around the world, so obviously there is no way to include everything on our interactive matrix. However, included are many top-of-the-line gun safes available at different prices and from a wide variety of quality manufacturers.

What is a Gun Safe?

SentrySafe Gun SafeA gun safe is an essential storage container that every gun owner should own to secure and protect their firearms. Just like traditional safes, gun safes are used to prevent the theft of one’s valuables (in our case, guns).  However, theft is just one half of the role that gun safes play. The larger role of gun safes are to prevent the access of unauthorized people, such as children and loved ones. Do to their dangerous, many times fatal capabilities, firearms should be stored and secured properly.

Many States and governments even have their own laws in place that establishes and ensures the proper storage of firearms.  These laws come in the form of construction material, design, and the safes ability to withstand damage and forced entry. The State of California is known to have the strictest gun laws in the nation. So, it is no surprise that they also have the strictest regulations for gun safes.

Gun safes come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Some can be accessed through biometrics, fingerprints, digital locks, and the familiar combination locks.  Some can be mounted under furniture and larger ones can be recessed into the wall structure of homes. Some of the higher-end gun safes are even capable of protecting your equipment from water, floods, fire, and other kinds of natural disasters.

How To Find a Safe That Meets Your Needs

We created the interactive comparison table above of the best gun safes on the market today, to supplement our gun safe reviews. But before you start shopping for your next steel security box, take a look at what our guide provides.  Rather than scouring the internet, comparing safes in many windows of your web browser, utilize and sort through the options and preferences on our table to help you make the correct buying decision.

Above you will find the Comprehensive Gun Safe Matrix to help you find the best gun safe for you.

Overall Best Gun Safes

The safes that we have reviewed above are all great options; but there are a select few that we have to recognize as our absolute favorites.  Below you will find our top picks for overall best gun safe, along with focused and detailed gun safe reviews of each.

Gunvault SpeedVault SV500

Amazon Image

It’s obvious what sets the SpeedVault by Gunvault apart from the rest… It’s sleek, one-of-a-kind design, has many fans in the market saying, ‘Why didn’t anyone ever come up with this sooner?’ But don’t let it’s aesthetics fool you. There is more to this vault than just looks!

The SpeedVault, as its name implies, is meant for quick access at any given moment, with just the press of a few buttons.  Sporting a digital keypad with 4 keys, the SV500 is equipped for simplicity and security, allowing owners to set simultaneous button presses as security codes. In other words, you can require buttons 2 and 4 to be pressed at the same time for someone to access your firearm. Not fast enough? The included backup key will bypass the codes without any fuss.

This gun safe’s unique design also allows for flexible mounting options as well, capable of being mounted upon its left, right, or back sides. An easy to install bracket is included which allows the safe to be mounted in places such as bed frames and desk panels. However, do note that the gun safe runs a little bit larger than traditional wood studs, so installing the system on a wall may be tricky. Although, if you can manage to get over this minor issue, than you may just fall in love with this safe.

Its beautiful, functional, and gets the job done right. What more could you ask for?

Sentry Safe HDC11E Home Defense Center

Amazon Image

The creators at Sentry Safe have revamped their line of gun safes with the very new and innovative Home Defense Center.  Steering away from the traditional heavy boxed-typed gun safes, the HDC is a breath of fresh air with a number of small yet, very modern design features.Just looking at the HDC11E screams innovation.

With its tall and sleek design, this safe is made to fit perfectly in any corner of your room or tucked away in a closet without being obtrusive.  Just like it’s name implies, the HDC was made with home defense in mind, allowing the storage of one handgun and one long gun (rifle or a shotgun).

It sports an quick-entry electronic lock that features whisper-quiet entry. It is programmable like most digital safes these days, but also includes back up keys as well. On top of the safe is a defense tray for important items such as keys, tools, and extra clips. And at the bottom, is a secret floor compartment.

Details are what separates this safe from the competition, and boy does it have a lot of them! Keep your home secure and ready to go with Sentry Safe Home Defense Center.

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Gunvault NanoVault NV200

Amazon Image

The makers at GunVault have shown that they haven’t forgotten about portability with their NanoVault line of gun safes.  Designed with the traveler in mind, These cases offer security away from home and  come in two sizes: NV100 and NV200, and fit will fit perfectly in bag, suitcase, or under your car seat.

The reason we love this case is because it is sturdy, well-made, and super discreet. It does what is meant to do, which is enable transport of concealed weapons while on the road, at a very affordable price. As advertised, this gun case will fit full-size 1911 style pistols, with extra room to spare. Hit the forums and reviews to see if your handgun will fit in the NV cases.

It should be noted however, that this case is more for security purposes and may not totally prevent theft! (We don’t think any safe will, for that matter). We like to think of it more as a theft deterrent.  Its design is mainly meant to prevent foul play and keep people out. While the security cable included will buy you time at best, and will definitely not stop a determined thief. In any case (no pun intended)… This small case, packs a big punch!

With nearly 200 ’5-star customer ratings,’there’s no question why this is a must have for traveling gun enthusiast. And why we consider this safe the one of our overall best gun safes!

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