Top 5 Gun Safes for 2017

Owning a firearm is one of the most popular and effective ways to secure and protect your loved ones, your home and yourself. However, controlling who has access to your guns is as fundamentally important as owning one in the first place.

In fact, in some states such as California, not having a gun safe means you could face legal proceedings if your firearm is stolen or lost.

A gun safe is the only way to guarantee that your gun doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, be those of a home invader or burglar, or more importantly, children and house guests who are not adequately trained to handle firearms.
Tragedies and accidents are unnervingly common in the US, with 265 children getting accidently killed by firearms in the US in 2015 alone.

Owning a gun safe is as important for the safety of your family as owning a gun in the first place.

What Is The Best Gun Safe for Your Needs?

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GunBox 2.0

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GunVault SV500 Speedvault

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BARSKA Biometric Safe

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Sentry Safe Biometric Handgun Safe

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Homak HS30136010

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1. The GunBox 2.0

Key Features

  • 3.5 Amazon Rating
  • RFID Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
  • Motion sensor with alarm
  • Aircraft strength aluminium alloy casing
  • Comes with pre-drilled mounting holes

The GunBox is one of the leading handgun/pistol safes on the market right now, and with good reason too!

Sleek and stylish looks combine with fantastic build quality and tonnes of well thought out features.

Designed with quick access and top-notch security in mind, the GunBox is the best small gun safe on the market today.

See the GunBox 2.0 in action here:

2. GunVault SV500 Speedvault

Key Features

  • Digital Keypad for Quick Access
  • Holster Style Drop Down Drawyer
  • 18 Gauge Steel Build
  • Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes

If you’re on the lookout for a fast access gun safe, look no further than the GunVault SV500.

Designed specifically to provide ultimate speed of access alongside security and safety, the SV500 has been innovatively designed with a drop down holster style gun drawer.

Unlike most gun safes, this means that the gun can be drawn and retrieved in a position to fire as soon as it is opened.

Its slim profile makes it perfect for mounting under desks, at your bedside or even in your vehicle.

See the Gunvault SV500 in action here:

3. BARSKA Biometric Safe

Key Features

  • Quick Access Fingerprint Scanner
  • Holds Up To 30 Fingerprint Profiles
  • Includes Mounting Tools
  • Includes 2 backup keys, so you can always access your guns
  • Compact yet durable and secure

BARKSA’s excellent entry level biometric safe is lightweight, incredibly secure and robust and boasts a build quality far outstripping many other gun safes in this price range.

It’s biometric fingerprint scanner adds another level of security, making it harder for home intruders or curious children to access than traditional gun safes. This model can store up to 30 fingerprints.

It also has a large interior capacity, providing enough room for up to 3 pistols.

See the BARSKA Biometric Safe in action here:

4. Sentry Safe QAP1BE Biometric Handgun Safe

Key Features

  • Silent Opening Mechanism
  • Pry Proof Steel Door
  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
  • Internal capacity 2x handgun/pistol
  • 4.5 star Amazon rating based on 1,492 reviews

The Sentry Safe is one of the most secure, ruggedly built gun safes on the market today. Built from heavy duty 12 gauge steel alongside reinforced, pry proof opening mechanisms, it is almost impossible to break into the Sentry Safe without specialist tools.

One of the Sentry Safe’s selling points is its totally noiseless opening mechanisms, which means that you can quickly and silently access your firearm – a huge advantage in the event of a home invasion.

Easily opened with the biometric finger print scanner alongside a combination lock for added security, the Sentry Safe is the perfect compact gun safe for those who own a pistol for home security or personal protection and are looking for top-notch security and quick access.

See it in action here:

5. Homak HS30136010

Key Features

  • Full Length Piano Hinge on Door
  • Constructed of Heavy Duty 1.5mm Cold Steel
  • Comfortably Stores Up To 10 Long Guns

If you’re a hunter or gun enthusiast with a larger collection of rifles, the Homak HS30136010 is one of the market leading larger gun safes.

Built from 57 inch reinforced steel, the Homak comfortably holds 10 rifles, and the interior is fully lined with foam to protect your firearms and prevent any damage.

The Homak comes with installation holes pre-drilled into the exterior, so that it is easy to mount and anchor for added security.

Loaded with two locks, both with four reinforced extension points, this is one of the most secure, pry proof safes on the market.

Perfect for securing larger collections of rifles and long guns.

See the Homak HS30136010 in action here:

Why Not Buy Any Safe?

While placing your guns in an ordinary generic safe is still a far better option than having no safeguard at all, gun safes have a number of features that lend themselves well to protecting guns specifically.

They allow you quick access to your gun, which is massively important to those who own guns as a means of home protection. Similarly, good gun safes tend to be far more secure and theft proof than ordinary safes, and have better safety ratings.

Types of Gun Safe

There are loads of different kinds of gun safes, classified not only by the kind of guns being stored, but by their security systems, locks and features.

Some of the most popular include:

Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric gun safes are amongst the most secure gun safes on the market. They use a fingerprint scanner locking system, which means that only pre-programmed fingerprints can be used to open them.

Biometric gun safes are popular because they can be opened extremely quickly – there’s no fumbling with codes or locks and nothing to remember.

Multiple fingerprint profiles can be loaded into most gun safes, so you can give access to the people you trust.
The only downside to biometric gun safes is that some cheaper, lower quality biometric systems aren’t very reliable. With biometric gun safes, it’s worth sticking with reputable brands that are well reviewed.

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Handgun Safes

Handgun safes are small, portable safes designed to hold handguns and smaller firearms. Often small enough to fit inside a drawer or cupboard shelf, these are a great affordable alternative to larger gun safes, and are secure enough to protect any pistol or handgun.

If you simply have a handgun for home protection and don’t need to store many valuables, handgun safes are an ideal option.

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Quick Access Gun Safes

Quick access gun safes open using digital dial pads rather than combination locks or keys. Many gun owners choose to keep guns in the house to protect their loved ones and their property, and one of the most common arguments against owning a gun safe is that it will slow you down in the event of a home invasion or other emergency.

Quick access gun safes give you all the protection and safety of a gun safe, while still allowing access to your firearm at a moment’s notice.

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Under Bed Gun Safes

Under bed gun safes are massively popular for home defense. Most home invasions happen during the night, so having an under bed gun safe gives you instant access and keeps your gun stored right beneath you as you sleep.

Knowing that your gun is close at hand will make a big difference in protecting your family and will give you peace of mind.

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Car Gun Safes

For many gun owners, personal protection is a high priority, and with many Americans doing long car commutes on a daily basis, car gun safes are becoming increasingly popular.

While many handgun safes are portable, dedicated car gun safes offer many advantages over them, such as the ability to mount them permanently in the car or secure them inside the car with theft-proof cables.

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Hidden Gun Safes

Hidden gun safes add yet another layer of security against curious kids or thieves. While top quality gun safes can withstand most reasonable attempts to force entry, choosing a gun safe that is hidden means that it is that much harder to find or identify.

There are loads of great hidden gun safe options such as:
Painting frame gun safes
Mirror gun safes
Book gun safes
Any many more.

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Cheap Gun Safes

Gun safes are an essential part of keeping any gun-owning household safe, and as such no gun owner should compromise on the quality of their gun safe.

Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise on build quality and safety to get your hands on an affordable gun safe.
There are plenty of excellent gun safes on the market for well under $500.

See our top cheap gun safe picks here.

What To Look For In A Gun Safe

For those new to firearms and gun safe, the sheer range of different gun safes on the market can feel overwhelming. There are many different kinds of gun owners, from hunters with a large collection, to those who own a simple handgun for home protection.

As a result there are very few “one size fits all” gun safes, so knowing what features matter the most to you is the first and most important part of choosing a gun safe. Here is a list of features you should consider before buying a gun safe.

  1. Always buy bigger than you think you’ll need. While those who are solely interested in home security might be content with 1 small firearm, if you’re a gun enthusiast who plans on collecting more guns in the future, it’s worth investing in a larger gun safe now, so that you won’t need to upgrade as your collection grows.
  2. Pay attention to the materials that a gun safe is made from. While all the gun safes featured on this site are made from strong, reinforced materials that are difficult to penetrate, there are lots of gun safes on the market that are made of cheaper materials that are easy to force entry to with household tools.
  3. The type of lock you choose should be based on what you’ll be using the gun safe for. For those who own a gun for home protection, you’ll likely want a biometric or fast access lock. Conversely if you are more concerned about protecting your guns and keeping them away from children or home intruders, then you’ll probably want to go for key or combination locks.
  4. While a gun safe may prevent children or home intruders from accessing your gun in your house, smaller gun safes can be easily carried away and accessed later. As a result, it’s important to securely anchor the safe inside your home. Always opt for gun safes with pre-drilled holes, or choose a gun safe that is adaptable to be anchored inside your home.
  5. If you have children, it’s worth investing in a gun safe with an alarm to that you will be alerted in the event of someone trying to gain unauthorised access to your firearms.
  6. Electronic safes such as biometric gun safes require batteries or mains support. If you buy an electronic safe, make sure that there are alternative entry options if the batteries run out or there is a power shortage. All of the gun safes we review have multiple failsafe entry options, so no matter what happens, you’ll always be able to access your guns.

What is a Gun Safe?

A gun safe is an essential storage container that every gun owner should own to secure and protect their firearms. Just like traditional safes, gun safes are used to prevent the theft of one’s valuables (in our case, guns). However, theft is just one half of the role that gun safes play. The larger role of gun safes are to prevent the access of unauthorized people, such as children and loved ones. Do to their dangerous, many times fatal capabilities, firearms should be stored and secured properly.

Many States and governments even have their own laws in place that establishes and ensures the proper storage of firearms. These laws come in the form of construction material, design, and the safes ability to withstand damage and forced entry. The State of California is known to have the strictest gun laws in the nation. So, it is no surprise that they also have the strictest regulations for gun safes.

Gun safes come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Some can be accessed through biometrics, fingerprints, digital locks, and the familiar combination locks. Some can be mounted under furniture and larger ones can be recessed into the wall structure of homes. Some of the higher-end gun safes are even capable of protecting your equipment from water, floods, fire, and other kinds of natural disasters.