The 5 Best Under Bed Gun Safes For Defending Your Home

Nothing allows you a sounder sleep than knowing you’ve got your gun safely stored under your bed so that there’s no chance of someone coming in a stealing it and so that you have quick access to it in order to keep your family safe.

In some ways it is the best place to store your gun as it’s more likely that you will ever need it in the dead of night than any other time of the day.

It also means it’s kept out of sight and touch of your children if the safe is under your bed. It’s always a good idea with under bed gun safes to bolt them to the floor so that it’s more difficult for an intruder to get into.

Additionally, it’s always useful to keep in mind your specific requirements such as measurements and lock type before ordering a gun safe. Let’s have a look at some of our favourite under bed gun safes.

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1. Stealth DV652 Under Bed Defense Vault

Key Features

  • Built from 14 Gauge Steel
  • Five Point Slide Locking Bar
  • ESL5 Electronic Lock
  • Backlight for Use in Dark
  • CA DOJ Approved Firearm Safety Device

The Stealth DV652 under bed defense vault is a very highly recommended safe. The security on it is top notch with an electronic lock that lights up on touch so that you can see what you are entering in the dark.

The Stealth DV652 under bed defense vault is an tremendously substantial gun safe weighing 75 pounds and made of 14 gauge steel and sizing at 6 x 52 x 14-inches. This safe or vault brings with it the CA DOJ Firearm Safety Device approval and comes with already drilled holes for mounting, along with floor or wall securing hardware.

This defense vault has generous space easily storing your rifle and shotgun. There is a five point sliding lock bar for access to you firearm and a well padded foam tray to keep your guns perfectly scratch free.

The only downfall to this vault is that it is not fire or waterproof, so looking after any spillage in your bedroom will be a concern. Otherwise this gun safe is first-class.

See it in action here:

Biggest pro:

Heavy duty safe with electronic light up system

Biggest con:

Not fire or water proof

2. Monster Vault Under the Bed Gun Safe

Key Features

  • Constructed with cold rolled steel
  • 3 cubic feet, with 100 pound capacity
  • Large slide out drawer
  • Digital Combination Lock

The Monster Vault is another great option for an under bed gun safe. It is a heftier beast weighing at 140lb and sizing at 7 x 48 x 28-inches, but as you know, the heavier the harder it is to steal.

This safe should lie horizontal and has a spacious 3 cubic feet sized drawer that slides out that will provide liberal space for a handgun and extra clip.

The lock type is digital combination lock where you insert a 3 to 8 number access code. Even though this safe doesn’t provide foam in it’s drawer and the safe is not fire or waterproof, it does come with a 7 year warranty which is very hospitable.

See It In Action Here:

Biggest pro:

7 year warranty

Biggest con:

Not fire or waterproof

3. American Security Defense Vault

Key Features

  • Constructed of 14 gauge steel
  • 5 point slide locking bar
  • Pre-cut anchor holes
  • Digital Combination Lock with Illuminated Keypad

The American Security defense vault is not much different from the first vault we showed you on this page. Just as the Stealth DV652, the American Security Defense Vault has a AMSEC’s ESL5 locking system, this is an electronic locking system that has an illuminated keypad so that you are able to see what is typed in in the dark.

It also has predrilled holes for mounting as well as all the mounting hardware you will need to get this vault attached to your floor or wall.

Sizing at 6 x 52 x 14-inches with a sliding inner tray that will provide plenty of space for 2 long firearms. Again same as the Stealth DV652 it is made of solid steel and has a five point locking bar. The differences are that this vault also comes with an override key in case of code emergencies.

It also has a sound alert which can be turned off but it does notify you when the batteries are running low. As with the others, this vault is also not fire or waterproof.

Biggest pro:

Extremely secure

Biggest con:

Not fire or waterproof