About Us

Welcome to Gun Safe Reviews HQ.

I started this website simply because I had a problem.

I have recently gotten into firearms, purchasing a Glock 19 at the beginning of last year, then a Remington 870 in May of 2012 and finally a Ruger 10/22 in November. Shooting has become a hobby that I have become very fond of and enjoy very much. My cousins and brother have been into firearms for years now, but I never really thought it was for me. Until that is…. the day they brought me to the firing range! Who knew that one adrenaline-filled, trigger-pullin’ trip to the range would be the catalyst of my new found passion for the sport.

I guess this is where most people say ‘…and the rest was history!’

Going back to why I created this website, like I said, I had a problem. It’s not everyday that you (or your guns) are at the shooting range with the boys! (Ohh how I wish!) We all know our guns see more downtime in our closets, drawers or under the bed. And with family members and children running around, this is a serious concern. And just like you are probably now, I too was in the market for a good gun safe.

I browsed online for a good gun safe, but nearly drowned in the sea of information and opinions, opinions, opinions! At the time, I wished that there was someplace where I could compare things such as prices, ratings, and product specs, in a simple format. A list, a chart, a graph, SOMETHING!

With no luck, and frustrated at the lack of comparison guides for gun safes online, I thought to myself, ‘why not create my own?!’ After many weeks of research, I’ve have finally compiled the Complete Gun Safe Guide! Its a comprehensive ‘cold-hard facts’ kind of chart on nearly 40 of the top safes on the market. It’s even interactive!

I am no gun safe expert by no means. (If there even is such a thing) However, I do feel that I have gathered and simplified information that is already on the world wide web, and present it in and ‘easy to digest’ fashion.

My goal with my website is to provide to you with the information you’re looking for, so that you don’t waste money and make the best gun safe buying decision based on the things that matter to you!

As I do more research, I’ll be providing in-depth (personal) gun safes reviews and even more comparisons. Stay tuned!